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Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank

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Nevim….. Tak různ?…..

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You can run, but you can´t hide….. <Můžeš utíkat ale neschováš se.>

Jus´t because I don´t care dosen´t mean that I don´t udersand. <To že se nestarám neznamená že nechápu.>

Dvacet p?t p?íznaků dosp?losti :D

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4. Šest hodin ráno už není doba na chození do postele, ale naopak na vstávání.

10. Jseš to ty, kdo volá policii, protože ti zatraceni spratci odvedle odmítají ztlumit stereo.

12. Nevíš, v kolik zavírá Taco Bell.

15. Svého psa krmíš podle zásad zdravé výživy a ne zbytky od McDonalda.

16. Odpoledne si už nedáváš šlofíka.

21. Snídáš ráno.


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13 - …hádka *bonustrack

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…hádka *bonustrack

On:…right there, uh, i gonna come over and take a look at your exhaust manafold on your Dodge Dart I knew it was missing somewhere on mine, but I am not sure what it is. Unless let's see what you got on yours. (hehe) throttle lever strikes dashpot rod, the rod must push back before it can move back air must be forced out vent this cause diaphragm to move slowly when throttle lever is moved away string will force diaphragm out air will come out of vent, dashpot is ready to work again Ona:mmhmm and this? On:I don't… Ona:the rod, that's what they're talking about On:I don't care what that looks like Gerri, I am telling you what the dashpot is. Where's the dashpot on here Gerri? Ona:I don't know On:The dashpot is in the side Gerri, where it's hooked up at. That is not ma- Ona:and now it's… On:That is not made to regulate the fucking choke, going back to warm! Ona:and that's not the endloader? On:that's so you can get pure fuel in there Ona:mmhmm On:as soon as you start cranking it over, UHHUHHHUHHHH, the uh, the, it'll start sucking and when it starts sucking, this choke here, Ona:mmhmm On:because you can't just have pure fuel, you won't light, you have to have a little bit of oxygen it sucks open and it cracks the choke like this, and that's how, that, works. Ona:that is not what you just said On:I said NO GERRI! THE HEATING IS THE MOTHERFUCKING SPRING, THIS ONE HERE SOON AS YOU START TURNING OVER THE ENGINE IT'S SUPPOSED TO PULL IT BACK WHEN THE VACUUM STARTS, WHEN THE VACUUM STARTS, nothing to do with fucking heat, vacuum. Ona:why are you screaming at me? On:because you said (mocking girl's voice) „well you said it's supposed to work on heat“. no gerri, Ona:you said when the car gradually warms up… On:as it gradually warms up, this motherfucker, with the coil, the spring open it up, this is already done its job, the only thing its job is to do is when your cranking the engine up, after it's been choked, all it does is pull back, and it, crack open just a pinch. Ona:but you don't know what it's called On:sigh the choke-vacuum-diaphragm sneeze i mean it's right there in the book Ona:i'm sure it is On:oh god, your a hard, HARD, woman to live with Gerri Ona:if it was right there in the book, I would've found it On:oh you motherfucker, you asshole, you stupid son of a bitch you showed it to me! Ona:what? mike On:you showed me the god damn thing in the book what it was called, that's why i knew what it was Ona:please get out of here and quit yelling On:no Gerri, you're fucked! Ona:I haven't seen that. On:„I haven't seen-“?… you stupid son of a bi-… Ona:that vacuum thing? yes. we don't know On:your the one- Ona:what the little business is, it doesn't explain anything, i haven't read anything that explains that. On:i told you what it does. Ona:yes, you did, yesterday On:i just told you what it does and your saying you never saw that before, yet your the one who fucking showed it to me Gerri Ona:you see more gas, i told you that fucking fuel filter is not on there, it's not that fucking orange business hanging over that god damn business On:let's try rebuilding the fucking carburetor first, Gerri Ona:first- On:lemme tell you something gerri, lemme tell you a little secret Gerri Ona:don't tell me any secrets, be quiet. On:o man, i am gonna bang hard, i tell you something, and you fucking don't believe me, there's always something and you still don't fucking believe… Ona:i can't show you anything michael because your head is blank On:well you're sitting there telling me that mothefucker is dead mocking girl's voice well that's not how it works, bah, the mechanic told me how it works Ona:who's talking about the truck? we're talking about- On:the dodge dart, on slap 6 Ona:you have lost your mind On:what are you talking about? Ona:my god…


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A pár stránek z jeho denníku…..

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Frances Bean

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